365 Days of Stargazing

Tammy Plotner and Universe Today have released an updated edition of her book, What's up 2007: 365 days of Skywatching as a free download. Tammy does a great job of explaining the history of astronomy while showcasing some remarkable phenomenon that can be seen with the naked eye. The book is setup like a daily study reader with an entry for every day of 2007, and starts off with simple exercises that slowly progress in complexity with each day of the calendar. Tammy's book is a fantastic resource for the astronomically curious, and includes all the maps and information that you'll need to get started.

An example from May 31 of 2006:

Tonight we’ll begin our studies by checking out the slender crescent of the Moon. To the north you will see the eastern edge of Mare Crisium beginning to emerge. The bright point on the shoreline is Promontorium Agarum with shallow crater Condorcet to its east. Look along the shore of the mare for a mountain to the south known as Mons Usov. Just to its north Luna 24 landed and directly to its west are the remains of Luna 15. Can you spot tiny crater Fahrenheit nearby?

The previous version was available as a blog, RSS feed, and PDF download from Universe Today and the 2007 edition should be available via the same avenues throughout the year. If you need a little celestial example to get your motor running Bad Astronomy has a top ten list of themost amazing celestial images of the year, and they are truly breathtaking. (Number eight is my favorite)


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