10 Sweet Gifts to Make for Mother's Day ...


For some, Mother's Day will be celebrated this coming Sunday.

What are your plans?

Are you thinking of giving your mom an unforgettable Mother's Day?

If you are short on ideas when it comes to sweet gifts to make for Mother's Day, this list is your guide.

1. Chiffon Corsage

Chiffon Corsage

Are you treating your mom out to dinner?

Before you go out, you can make her this simple corsage.

These are very pretty and incredibly easy to make.

I love making fabric flowers myself so I guarantee you that the results of this project will make you (and your mom) smile.

2. Bath Salt Containers

Bath Salt Containers

Pampering gifts are perfect for Mother's Day.

You can go out and buy a spa set from stores but you can make your own.


If you have miniature wine bottles or other small containers, you can easily make beautiful bath salt bottles for your mom.

You can even add a personalized message to the bottles.

3. Door Hanger

Door Hanger

Oh this is clever!

This is a printable so this is pretty much an easy project to do.

Among these sweet gifts to make for Mother's Day, this door hanger might just be the one that will illicit the biggest laugh.

How funny is that "call your dad" in case of emergency part?

4. Fingerprint Pendant

Fingerprint Pendant

I've never worked with polymer clay so this caught my attention.

I like that this necklace looks classy and interesting at the same time.

I bet you can even add a name or a sweet message at the back or above the fingerprint.

5. Mother's Day Bunting

Mother's Day Bunting

A bunting, of course, has a place on a list of sweet gifts to make for Mother's Day.

The best thing about this bunting is that it has many uses.

You can use it to tie a gift or hang it like a real bunting.

You can even paste it onto a card!

Movie Night Card
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