10 Most Romantic Gifts for Women ...


We know that buying the perfect romantic gift for that special someone isn't always an easy feat.

You want it to be unique, beautiful, as close to perfect as can be and most of all you want it to say I love you.

To make things easier for you, here's presenting the most Romantic Gifts for Women from Pressies4Princesses.

1. Engraved Personalised Teddy Bear

Engraved Personalised Teddy Bear

Price: £19.99 at pressies4princesses.co.uk

I don't quite know what it is about the humble teddy bear but I haven't met a single woman (old or young) who doesn't melt and go "Aww" at the sight of these adorable soft toys.

This little teddy bear isn't just super cute and cuddly but you can also etch a special message on his heart shaped tag for that personal touch.

2. Heart Pendant Necklace

Heart Pendant Necklace

Price: £24.99 at pressies4princesses.co.uk

Relationships have their ups and downs and are often far from perfect but when it's true, you love each other no matter what, right?

That's exactly what this not so perfectly shaped yet gorgeous heart pendant necklace represents.

Love may not always be what you expect but it sure is BEAUTIFUL!

3. Daisies and Hearts Silver Earrings

Daisies and Hearts Silver Earrings

Price: £29.99 at pressies4princesses.co.uk2

Flowers are quite possibly among the mostromantic gifts for women but if you hate seeing them wilt away, why not give her a lasting kind of flower?

We're talking about this divine cluster of daisies and hearts earrings.

Delicate, elegant and sure to add that special sparkle to her ears and her smile.

4. Love Love Tea

Love Love Tea

Price: £4.95 at pressies4princesses.co.uk

At the end of a long day, there's nothing more us women want than to cuddle with our better halves and share a cup of soothing warm tea and this Love Love Tea would be perfect for just that.

Blended with rose, liquorice root and coriander seeds, it comes in a gorgeous pink package and is sure to lift her spirits instantly!

We love men who can cook but if you can't, a hot cup of Love Love tea will suffice.

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