8 Expensive Wallets with Wow Factor ...


I’ve got a lovely little wallet I picked up for less than $10, and it suits me fine – it does its job perfectly.

However, there are times when I window-shop in expensive stores and drool over the quality of the accessories.

So here are some wallets with the wow factor that have inspired me to choose something other than basic black when I need to replace my current one …

1. Mulberry ‘Postman’s Lock’

Mulberry ‘Postman’s Lock’

Price: $420 at net-a-porter.com

I’m not exactly sure what a ‘postman’s lock’ is, and how it relates to wallets, in fact I have absolutely no idea.

Never mind – this gorgeous green wallet is a stunner.

I love green, so will keep an eye out for a similar colour when I next go wallet shopping.

2. Lanvin Quilted Wallet

Lanvin Quilted Wallet

Price: $550 at net-a-porter.com

I love purple even more than I love green, so it could be a tough choice picking out the perfect colour.2

The quilting adds a nice touch to the vibrant colour.

You can opt for black if you prefer, but what could be nicer than the brighter version?

3. Mulberry Printed Pouch

Mulberry Printed Pouch

Price: $115 at net-a-porter.com

This is even more eyecatching than the colourful wallets!

This Mulberry pouch features images of woodland creatures.

As well as being used as a wallet, I think it would make a lovely and original makeup bag – why not put it on your Christmas wishlist?

4. Comme Des Garcons

Comme Des Garcons

Price: $95 at net-a-porter.com

This definitely has the ‘wow’ factor – as in ‘wow, I need my sunglasses!’ Blue, red and bright green combine to make a wallet you can’t miss.2

So if you love really bright colours, something like this would be sure to please.

5. Miu Miu

Miu Miu

Price: $420 at net-a-porter.com

This wallet is a little more sober than some of the others!

It’s made in a soft blue shade, and is stylish without being too bright.2

A wallet in a similar shade would make an ideal gift for someone with a classic style, or for your own use if you like subtle accessories.

Marni Polka-Dot
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