7 Tips for Getting Your Dog to Behave ...


Dogs misbehave. It's a way of life. I've got good dogs, but they do things they shouldn't – like go in the house, or refuse to listen when they're called. The Lab, especially, is a princess and likes to have her own way. They bark when they shouldn't and do all sorts of things that aren't bad, necessarily, but they need to learn better practices. Here are 7 tips for getting your dog to behave better.

1. Practice

Practice makes perfect. Teaching a dog the right behavior is a lesson in patience for the pooches and their owners both. You can't get fed up and you can't quit. You just have to persevere and keep practicing – it will pay off in the end. Just remember that Rome wasn't built in a day and dogs won't learn in a day either.

Act like the Alpha
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