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What's Yummy This Week YumSugar Weekly Recap ...

By partysugar

• This week we started things off with some clever ideas to celebrate dad. Treat him to delectable desserts, yummy drinks, or

the perfect gift.• Things in the reality tv world are starting to heat up. Top Chef delivered with a great season 3 premiere, The Next Food Network Star took us back into the kitchen, and is Gordon Ramsay turning into a softy on Hell's Kitchen?

• Candy Month is still going strong. We've got some cute candy purses for you to use as inspiration. As well as a classic Pixy Stix Sandwich and some Reese's infused peanut butter cookies. If you want to help participate, check out the submission guidelines.• Whether you're a beginner in the kitchen or a pro with years experience, we've got chicken parmesan two ways.• Do you like cilantro?• This week we learned how to easily dry wine glasses, make perfectly round cookies and what a tasting menu is all about.

• Someone introduces me to clairesquares, my waistline will never be the same again.• Looking for a fast and easy dinner? Try triple-mango chicken or black bean tacos.• If you are planning a party any time soon consider making decorations with tomatoes and grapes.

• The most exciting moment of the week was when we spoke with Kimberly Jackson of Jax vineyard. She provides all of the wines for HBO's Entourage!

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