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What's Yummy This Week YumSugar Weekly Recap

By yumsugar

• I was so happy to learn that so many people joined in our Show Us Your Cookbooks challenge. It was so fun to see them all!• The Big Mac is celebrating a birthday, do you think you know it well? Try taking our Big Mac quiz!• Even though there are a few weeks left in summer, we planned a big blow-out bbq marking its end. I personally love the posts about cute invites and seasonal peach margaritas.• Monday was National Banana Lover's Day. If you missed out, it's not too late to celebrate with banana cocktails, banana splits and banana cream pie!

• Speaking of bananas, can you name this dish?• Top Chef was a repeat, but you can get your fix by reading the first part of our chat with judge Gail Simmons. If you think you hate her, think again, she's absolutely sweet!• A huge tomato food fight took place in Bunol, Spain. And by huge I mean 117 TONS of plum tomatoes.• I gotta know, do you like raisins in your cookies?• What do star-chefs feed their children?

• Curb your chocolate craving with these ridiculously fudgy brownies, or better yet, add some ice cream and call it a brownie ice cream sandwich.• You might eat Necco wafers, but would you draw on them? Denise Tassin creates mini galleries on Necco wafers.

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