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What's Yummy This Week YumSugar Weekly Recap

By yumsugar

• This week we've been enjoying all things salad - including the difference between greens, two types of Caesar salads, a warm goat cheese salad, and how to make perfect salads.• This week also found us planning Molly's pup Oliver a super-fun puppy paw-ty. Check out our ideas and throw your own pooch a festive party!• If you've got time to lounge around and read, be sure to look through our summer reading selection. We'll be posting a new book every day in August.• Don't miss out on these August Must Haves.• Even though we've been celebrating all summer, Thursday was actually National Ice Cream Sandwich Day.• Speaking of national days, Friday was National Watermelon Day.• In reality tv news: I'm surprised by who got kicked off of Top Chef and I'm surprised by Gordon Ramsay's soft side.• Twenty-six people love ice cream and want to tell you all about it. These twenty-six folks sure know how to work their way into my heart.• I went to the garlic festival and ate pickled garlic, chocolate garlic, garlic fries, garlic ice cream, garlic chicken, garlic corn, well... you get the idea.• Although the filling in this deep dish lemon tart was absolutely smashing, I can't help but wonder what would happen if I could somehow smash it together with Twinkle's Swedish Strawberry Cake.• And finally, in one of the strangest things I saw all week: Christopher Walken teaches you how to cook a chicken.

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