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7 Ways to Prevent UTI's ...

By Jordin

Urinary tract infections are painful and uncomfortable! What can you do about them? Everybody knows about the old cranberry juice trick. And while drinking cranberry juice DOES help prevent as well as treat urinary tract infections, there are more ways to prevent UTI's you may not have heard about! Ways to prevent UTI's are not commonly spread around, and many women suffer from them. If you would like to know more ways to prevent UTI's, please continue reading!

1 Wipe Front to Back

Bacteria that cause UTI's live around the vaginal and rectal areas. If you wipe from back to front it's possible that you are introducing bacteria into your vagina, thus causing a UTI without knowing it! Start wiping from front to back and whisk those bacteria away from there!!

2 Take Vitamin C Regularly

Be sure and take a daily supplement of Vitamin C. Vitamin C increases the acidity level of urine, which helps decrease the number of harmful bacteria that may be present in your urinary tract system. Luckily for us, Vitamin C doesn't taste that bad! You can also find vitamin C in Oranges, strawberries, brussel sprouts, tomato, cantaloupe, and sweet red pepper.


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3 Don't Hold It

If you have to go, then go!!! Don't hold it in. There are two reasons for not holding it. First, when you hold it, you may be helping any bacteria present to develop into a full-fledged urinary tract infection. Second, when you empty your bladder, you are flushing everything out. Sort of like a cleansing! Also remember to go right after having sex.

4 Take Showers Instead of Baths

When you take a bath, you are sitting in warm water. Very relaxing, but also dangerous if you are prone to UTI's! It's the perfect environment for bacteria to develop and grow. Instead, take showers. The water flowing down flushes bacteria and germs away and gets you all clean down there!!!!

5 Wear Cotton Panties

Cotton material is breathable and allows moisture to evaporate and escape. That's why cotton panties are a great choice for you if you are susceptible to UTI's! Other fabrics can trap moisture and create a potential breeding ground for bacteria. Not so good, right?

6 Avoid Certain Condoms

One of the most overlooked ways to prevent UTI's, are by checking the condoms you use. Certain lubricants or spermicides can be irritating to some women, making it super easy for bacteria to invade. So if you suffer often from UTI's, try checking your condoms for spermicides, and switch to a non-spermicidal brand. That may be your main problem right there!

7 Don't Use Douches and Feminine Hygiene Sprays

One of the biggest no-no's for UTI prone women is using douches!!! The idea is to flush things OUT of you, not INTO you! And while douches claim to "flush you out", they do the exact opposite! If there are bacteria on the outside of your vagina, you may be flushing it inside you instead of away from you! Besides, your vagina is self cleansing, so unless prescribed by a doctor, just don't do it!!

The very best way to prevent a UTI is to stay dry and clean down there. Eat plenty of good for you vegetables and fruits and practice good hygiene. I hope this article has been helpful to you!!! Please comment below!

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