Trending Today: What Makes #AReal Boyfriend?

I think a lot of you will be able to identify with today's trending topic. The subject of what a real boyfriend is and how he should act is surging all over the interwebs, especially on Twitter. What's nice is that both guys and girls are tweeting about it, and there have been some really profound insights (yes, from Twitter!) into what girls want – and there's plenty of proof that there are some really good guys out there! Let's have a look at how people describe #ARealBoyfriend.

Here's what some of the guys are saying:

LawCannon: “#ARealBoyfriend Makes his girlfriend realize she the only one who matters, meaning that side hoes don't exist, and his past is irrelevant.”

AustinKeller: “#ARealBoyfriend knows how to make his girl feel SO special, even when the rough times come. ALSO, he stays loyal with his girl FOREVER.”

MrRelationships: “#ARealBoyfriend learns about his lady; her interests, wants, desires, everything. Both big and small.”
No1FlyBoy: “Sadly, #arealboyfriend is like a unicorn.”
VINNYGUADAGNINO: “#arealboyfriend is made of flesh blood bones and guts as opposed to #ablowupdollboyfriend.”

Well, you can't please everyone! And can I just say, I do love Vinny; always keepin' it real. Here are some insightful responses from the ladies:

maayarax0: “#arealboyfriend isn't afraid to be silly with his girlfriend!”
_KrystalBall: “#arealboyfriend will do what he has to in order to become #arealhusband!”
SmileyFaceeee_: “#arealboyfriend loves you unconditionally. flaws and all.”
itsSUMMn_boutER: “#arealboyfriend is something I have yet to come by!”
anniemirza_: “#arealboyfriend doesn't make you change, he'll appreciate you for who you are.”

So this begs the question – what do you think describes #ARealBoyfriend? And since, given the lovely Better Half, I'm always equal opportunity, if boyfriends ain't your thang, how would you describe #ARealGirlfriend? Sound off, y'all, give us your dream characteristics!

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