7 Tips for Kissing with Your Tongue ...


The art of kissing is very intimate and sweet, so you might benefit from tips for kissing with your tongue. Kissing can be a great way to bond with your sweetheart and you should take it seriously. So many girls give away kisses like they are candy but I think kissing should be reserved for one man-your husband! That's just my opinion, and I may be old-fashioned in thinking that way but it truly is a special act when you haven't shared it with every other guy in the world. I would like to give you some tips for kissing intimately. Many people who experience a bad french kiss the first time are afraid or unwilling to try it again. However, it doesn't have to be a bad experience every time! If you had a guy who slobbered or bit you, just remember not every guy is that insensitive! Read on for my list of 7 tips for kissing with your tongue and give it another try!

1. Have a Mint

This is a very important tip for kissing with your tongue! You don't want to experience your first open-mouthed kiss with bad breath! Make sure you have a mint or chew some gum before getting started. You can also buy mini-toothbrushes that are pre-pasted to carry in your purse. They are great for after dinner or even things like unexpected airport delays and things like that. They are disposable and you can even use them without water if you need to! They come in a pack of four so you get several to try out. Choose from a range of flavors and colors!

Set the Mood
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