7 Things You Should do Solo ...


Have you ever thought about all the things you should do solo? It's always fun to bring your man or bestie along to spend some quality time together. The more the merrier! But there really are some times when it's nice to just have some YOU time! You may not be the type to keep to yourself, maybe you like to be the center of attention or love to have your main peeps around at all times. But even if that's the case, I would encourage you to try out my list of things you should do solo all by your little lonesome! And if you don't have many friends or are the type to keep to yourself, consider this list just for you! Sometimes we just need to fit in a few hours of selfishness. Ok, not really, but there's nothing wrong with thinking of yourself for a little bit.

1. Shopping

Shopping is actually the number one thing I prefer to do solo. Surprising? Not really! Here's why: You get to snag all the best deals! Besides, you can choose which store you want to go in and how long you want to spend there. You won't feel pressured to hurry up because your friends are all done, or irritated because you have to wait on them to go into the store you would rather be in. I even prefer to grocery shop alone. Although it is nice when my husband goes along because he pushes the cart and does all the unloading and loading for me!

Getting a Pedicure
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