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The "Wisdom" of Some People

By Marica

As much as I'm a bit ashamed to admit it, I've been reading a lot of stuff lately on the subjects of seduction, know the pick up artist stuff.

I've had quite a few guys who are in-the-know email me and give me advice. Some of them seem pretty cool (rebel leader) and before their transformation were probably the way I am now.

The biggest suggestion I've received is to read, read, read some more, then take a break from reading and do more reading.

Outside of The Game I haven't plucked down a dime of the stuff they're trying to sell. (It does help to be a bit of a geek and know where to find some of the reading material for free instead of throwing down 60-200 bucks on it.)

I've read some articles that have helped (at least I hope they will), this one that make me sick to my stomach. Here's a few samples:

"I'd like to point out that I am not a misogynist...I love women. But I AM a sexist, in the sense that I believe women are vastly different than men and, according to the standards that men hold for other men, women are inferior as well."

"Women tend to wise up when they get towards their 30s, and they start looking for a nice wimpy beta male to settle down with and pay for all their shit. As they get older, they will get more and more desperate to find this guy. Once they do, they will cheat on him with an exciting fun guy like me. (But who wants to fuck some old chick in her 30's? That's what beta males are for! Heh)

Hey, don't blame me - I didn't make things the way they are. I was just a guy who wanted to get laid. And I do :-)"

Shit. That's all I can say.....shit. I'm a pacifist and I want to kick that guys ass.

That's my biggest worry, that the only way for me to meet a woman for sex or something serious is for me to have to change the way I feel about women. A common thread in all of these is that it HELPS to think of women as toys, games, puppets to be manipulated. I know I'll have to stop putting women on a pedestal in order to get into the right mindset, but I hope I don't have to put them in the gutter in order for it to work.

I ran across this website: Urban Predator, a website for guys who need to keep track of their many many women.

• Store information about your lovers and access it anywhere. • Arrange dates in your private calendar to spice up your bedsheets • Share advice and tactics with other guys to maximize your chances of scoring • Send gifts automatically on special occasions (Coming soon) • Schedule messages to show you care, even when you don't. (Coming soon) • Track your success, compare with friends and par (Coming soon)

How sick is that? There are guys out there with so many women that someone started a website dedicated to helping them keep track of all those women. Ok...I REALLY need to get back to reading.

I'm still getting emails on fashion tips. Thanks to everyone for all of your help. Thursday is the big shopping day with Dolly.

Oh and I'm also getting emails on the Brazilian girl...the answer is no..and I deleted her number from my cell.

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