Oh No! Signs Your Crush is Hooking up with a Rival 💞 ...

1. You Don’t Socialize outside of Each Other’s Houses

One of the biggest signs your crush is interested in someone else is that when he says ‘do you want to come over to watch a movie?’, he literally means it! There is no sign of Netflix and chill in this relationship. It really is more like a friendship where you sit and binge shows together. He’s probably doing this with you because he is getting his romantic vibes from somebody else!

2. Your Communication is Super Infrequent

If he really had a crush on you and wanted to take your relationship to another level, then the odds are that he would be texting and messaging you much more frequently than he currently does. If you only talk a couple of times a week with brief and kind of impersonal messages, then it is highly likely that he sees you as nothing more than a casual friend rather than somebody who he is interested in building a romantic connection with.

3. He Tends to Cancel a Lot of the Plans You Make

Is he the kind of guy that commits to a plan and then always cancels at the last minute? These are definitely not the actions of a guy who wants to make you his girlfriend! You have to wonder, what is he cancelling on you for? Is it because he only sees you as a friend and a new opportunity has come up for him to go on a romantic date with another girl? It can really suck to be cancelled on again and again; you might want to stop making plans in the first place.

4. You Have Never Met His Extended Friend Group

Sure, you share a few common acquaintances and that is how you became friendly in the first place, but if he was in to you in a romantic sort of way, wouldn’t he have wanted to introduce you to his nearest and dearest by now? We tend to involve those who we really care about in the inner sanctum of our lives, but as just run of the mill friends, we are less anxious to introduce them to friends and family.

5. Your Go-to Interaction is via Social Media

If you do most of your talking to him via Twitter or through comments on Facebook photos, it doesn’t exactly scream romance, does it? If he can’t be bothered to ask for your number and actually call or text you in a more personal way, then it obviously means that he doesn’t have anything particularly personal to tell you in the first place!

6. He is Really Inflexible about Plans

Is he really stubborn and inflexible about when he can and cannot meet up and do stuff? If he isn’t willing to cancel a few plans to spend time with you, then you can assume that you are pretty low down on his list of priorities, which doesn’t scream romance!

7. He Guards His Phone for Dear Life!

Why is he so uptight about letting you see his phone? (Not that it’s really any of your business tbh) What does he have on there that might make you upset or think less of him? Could there be text messages and pictures of his interactions with other girls? If he’s hiding his phone, it’s because he doesn’t want you to see the content! If you see these signs, it’s time to take stock. What’s your destiny with this crush?

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