18 Makeup Tips for Beginners ...

1. Think about Complexion

The first makeup tip for a beginner all revolves around your complexion. You've got to think about exactly what you want to hide, what shade of skin you have and what your complexion holds before you start to choose your makeup and your moisturizer!

2. Moisturize

That brings us to our second makeup tip for a beginner – the moisturizer! This is why knowing your complexion is so, so important! Is your skin oily? Is it dry? It is a combination? Once you know, you'll be able to pick the ideal moisturizer for you!

3. Primer

Primer is the next step and the next makeup tip for a beginner! Primer is actually how you can keep your makeup looking fresh and stay on all day. I use my MAC primer all the time and it really helps ensure that my makeup stays in place all day.

4. Choose Your Shade

One of the most important makeup tips for beginners all revolves around choosing the right shade of foundation! You want to pick something that matches your skin tone exactly, that way you don't have any lines when you're putting your foundation on.

5. Powder Vs. Liquid

A lot of beginners have no idea what to choose whenever they are looking for blush or even their foundation. Is powder or cream better? Well ladies, this makeup tip for a beginner is all about preference. For me, I love powder, but I also love the control that you have with liquid or even cream. Which do you think that you'll like better?

6. Bronzer

When you are just starting out, bronzer might seem a little intimidating, but my makeup tip for a beginner all revolves around finding your right shade and also ensuring that you are starting out with just a little bit. Contouring with bronzer is a great way to really make your face have a great summer glow! Just touches on your cheeks, forehead and even your nose will really brighten up all of your features!

7. Blush

Blush is another makeup product that could seem super intimidating to a newbie to makeup. Ladies, just remember, find the right shade that fits your skin tone and don't put on a ton of blush in the beginning! Just a little goes a very long way!

8. Mascara Choices

For me, mascara is one of my favorite makeup choices and I love trying all of the different brands! My favorite? Anything Maybelline, I swear, their mascara lasts forever and it is absolutely the best for lengthening!

9. Eyeliner Tricks

One makeup tips for beginners should all start with trying out what eyeliner tricks work for you! The cat eye, the dropped wing look, the winged look – it's all out there and you should find the look that works for you! You should also find the color that works for you and that really makes your beautiful eyes pop!

10. Play up Your Eye Color

There are tons of ways that you can play up the color of your eyes. This makeup tips for beginners is all about using eyeliner, mascara and even some eyeshadow to really make sure that your color pops! For me, I have green eyes and plums work best.

11. Lipstick

Now, I've never been a lipstick kinda girl. I've gotten so many lipsticks and I just never use them, but it doesn't hurt to try! There are tons of pretty colors out there to try and tons of different lipsticks that can really bring out your lips and highlight their fullness. Why not try out a few shades and see if they work for you?

12. Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is definitely my thing. I love the sheen, the sticky feeling, the beauty of lip gloss and the tint of the color. Lip gloss is usually a great option for girls that aren't huge fans of lipstick or if you just want a hint of color!

13. Don't Forget Your Neck

One makeup tip for beginners that so many forget to mention is your neck. If you are wearing foundation, you never want to forget about your neck! After all, you want everything to be blended and nobody to be able to tell that you are wearing makeup right? Keep that in mind when you're looking in the mirror!

14. Finishing Powder

While primer will help keep your makeup on and seal it on up, a good finishing powder will absolutely kick that shine right off of your face! Ladies, this is the key to keeping your oil at bay and ensuring that your foundation stays put!

15. Shimmer

Any makeup tips for beginners all revolves around makeup brands and how do put your makeup on, but you do need to think about what makeup you want to get too. Shimmer eyeshadow is some of my favorite!

16. Shiny or Matte?

Not only do you have to think about shimmer, but you've also got to decide if you want shiny or matte makeup! Shiny lip gloss, matte lipstick, it all depends on what you want or even your mood!

17. Eyebrows

This makeup tip for beginners all revolves around your eyebrows. Ladies, you can actually use your eyebrows to truly make your eyes pop. Whether you add in a little color via a pencil or you just use it to darken your brows, your eyebrows can absolutely look beautiful!

18. Lip Liner

Finally, if you are gonna wear some lipstick, lip liner might be a good idea too! It will not only keep your lipstick on, but it will keep your lipstick from bleeding! There you have it ladies! My top 18 makeup tips for beginners that will really help you newbies! So ladies, what makeup tips for beginners do you have to share? Top Image Source: weheartit.com
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