19 Signs Your Crush Likes Someone else ...

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Look This Way...

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Talk the Talk

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Paying Attention

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Talks about a Girlfriend

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Ignores You

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Who They Hang out with...

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Not a Family Member...

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Time to Move on

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Looking for Someone else

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Avoiding You

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Hiding a Secret

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Just Friends…

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Like Family

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Asks You for Dating Advice

17 / 19

He Suddenly Has New Interests…

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Texts or Talks on the Phone More

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He Gets Jealous

If your crush starts saying things like, “Why is she with him?” or “She can do so much better!”, it’s a sure sign that he is jealous and really likes this girl. That being said, if you still want to give it a try, give him some time to get over her before you let him know how you feel. Alright, girls and guys, I just gave you nineteen signs to watch to know if your crush likes someone else. If you find that your crush does like some other person, then you should just move on. However, if the two of you are dating, then you do need to make sure it is the fact that they like someone else and is not just something bothering them (not pertaining to you). Also, when you hear rumors, you should know that school relationships are harsh as there are many that will try to break the two of you up. Do not go off of the deep end over those rumors until you have spoken to your crush about them (or in some cases, have let them get to know you better). It’s a tough world out there and you will go through some heartaches, so don’t let this get you down. There will always be someone great out there waiting for you …
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