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Got a plain cardigan that has been begging for a new look? You can indulge its fancies by giving it this ruffled embellishment. You don't even have to dip into your fabric stash for this ruffled look; you can use an old floral top for the ruffled details. Tutorial
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Ruffled All over

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Sweater to Cardigan

Got an old sweater that you have been purposely ignoring for years and years? Maybe it's time to have another encounter with it and open up the idea of turning it into a cardigan. If it says yes, you will need these other items: iron-on adhesive, iron, scissors, and sewing machine. Tutorial
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How cute! This may be my favorite from these cardigan tutorials. This is one of the DIYs here that will require you to assemble the cardigan from scratch. Basic materials needed are knit fabric, matching thread, scissors, and sewing machine. Tutorial
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Floral Ruffles

What lovely colors! This is another DIY cardigan idea that will help you give an old cardigan a makeover. Instead of ruffles, though, you will be doing the makeover with fabric rosettes. Make sure that the fabrics you use for the rosettes have prints or patterns if your old cardigan is plain. Tutorial
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With this tutorial, you will learn to make a Bina style drape cardigan. If you're looking for a piece of transitional clothing that you can style in many ways, this tutorial has got you covered. Tutorial
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Stitched Flowers

According to Sophie, this project took her only 30 minutes. My kind of DIY! I Don't you just love the delicate combination of golden yellow and deep gray? Tutorial
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Dyed and Ruffled

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Pleated + Bow

How pretty! And yes, I am talking about the model, too. Anyway, if you want to copy this DIY cardigan tutorial, you will need satin fabric for embellishing the neckline. Check out the link for the how-to. Tutorial So there you have fun and affordable DIY cardigans. Which one is your favorite from this cardigan tutorial list? Mine would be the drape, lacy, and pleated+bow ideas.
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