Rules of Flirting to Live by ...


Rules of Flirting to Live by ...
Rules of Flirting to Live by ...

All women are sure that they know how to flirt. But why some women attract crowds of men, and others, quite pretty and charming, are still missing their men? The matter is that flirt also has its own rules, based on non-romantic laws of psychology. Without knowing them, you may be searching for your “dream mate” till old age.

Let’s suppose you saw your dream man on a party or in club. What will each 5th woman do in such situation? She will come to him and start a conversation! What each 10th woman will talk about with him? About culture, art and books she read. And what will each 3rd do? Run away from her quickly! Not because she is ugly or uninteresting. A strange man is just firstly attracted by sexuality, nit intellect.

So, you caught HIS look. Don’t be in a hurry to avert your eyes. Look straightly at him for several seconds more, than it is accepted, then close your eyes slightly, take a breath and look aside. As soon as you see that he averted his eyes with your off-center vision, look at him again… A man treats such trick as a straight hint that a woman wants to become acquainted with him, but is shy to do it herself, so she is stealing a look.

It is better to look over your shoulder, which you should raise slightly upper, than usual. Man associate shoulder (especially if it is naked or covered slightly) with female breast. Advertisers know this trick well, and you often can see a wonderful strange woman on bill boards, looking this way, - this, according to researches, gets men worked up and attracts them.

It is well known, that a naked wrist is also a strong erotic sign. Some psychologists assume, that display of wrist shows trust to a man, a wish to give in to him. If you are also stroking a stem or neck with your hand, looking like you’re lost in thoughts, then this is also a sexual hint understood to any man.

Pose has an important meaning. If you sit hunched, do not even expect a man will come to you. Crooked back, sorry, - is a sign of a senile sickness, even if a young girl is sitting in such pose. So straighten your back, recline, shaking with your hair and checking your skirt (gestures of dolling up). If you wear trousers, put your thumbs behind a belt or an edge of a pocket – this is a gesture of sexual aggression, although what should a man expect from a women wearing trousers? If you are wearing skirt, bind your legs or cross them. This will create an impression of tension of hips muscles and says that a woman is ready for intimate adventures.

If a man is still standing at a bar after you have done all this tricks, - do not waste your time on him, probably, he is too drunk, married or not interested in women at all.

So, after you started conversation, you need to win his favour psychologically.
For this, become … his mirror reflection. How? Very easy – copy his pose and gestures. The essence of this in the fact that your pose should be as closer to a man’s pose, as possible. If in the beginning this is difficult for you, you can copy only a slope of his body, head, position of legs, hands. Imitation of gestures does not mean that you should raise your hand, twist your fingers etc simultaneously with partner. You just should look at gestures, peculiar to a man, and try to “transfer” them on you. If he “chops” a table with his hand, proving some thought, there is sense to do the same thing – this way you will strengthen your mutual understanding.

Another way to win a man’s favour – is to copy a rhythm of his breathing. Shortly speaking, breathe in unison with him. If it is difficult to do, you can imitate rhythm of his breathing, moving your hand or palm. Once you have done this, say a “dominant” idea, which you would like to inform him about. For example: “They say, I’m sexy” – and breathe out sharply. It is a paradox, but truth – your partner will also breathe out automatically, hold his breath for a while and there will be a feeling that his heart sank. This happens when a person agrees with something he just heard. Everyone will like to verify your words in practice.

What to do further? If you want your partner courting you – invite to a café or present a bunch of roses, and he does not hit upon an idea, you can suggest an idea to him. For example, raise your hand on the level of his eyes (you may hold a cigarette or pen in it) and say: “It is so hot here, I just cannot breathe! And in that café it is so cool and comfortable. We will be able to drink some tea!” – or just ask: “Will we go to a café or restaurant?”

This question will create an illusion of choice, but indeed, you will agree to both choices. Or (if you want another date): “Tomorrow in the evening I’m going for a walk. What are you going to do?” It looks like you asked a question, but, in fact, you have already suggested a decision.

A principle of three “yes” works good. A partner should answer positively on your three questions, then he will answer “yea’ on 4th one automatically already. For example: “Don’t you think this evening is terribly dark?” – “Yes”. – “There are no people on streets”. – “Yes”. – “And we are far away from home”. – “Yes”. – “Will you see me home?”

Use all these easy to make ways to ensnare a man and soon you will see that you can choose the one that suits you best of many admirers.

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