10 Recipes for a Cinco De Mayo Party ...


10 Recipes for a Cinco De Mayo Party ...
10 Recipes for a Cinco De Mayo Party ...

May is almost here. For those who love to entertain, that means only one thing: a Cinco de Mayo party. If you feel like going for something classic this year, here are recipes for a Cinco de Mayo party to help you out.

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Classic Mojito

Classic Mojito Photo Credit: VancityAllie

A Cinco de Mayo party without mojitos? A travesty! Really, I don't see why you can't serve this drink when it's clearly very easy to mix. Your guests can even DIY it if you're going for that casual and very laid-back Cinco de Mayo party.


Margaritas Photo Credit: Kenn Wilson

Of course a list of recipes for a Cinco de Mayo party will not be complete without margaritas. This cocktail is incredibly easy to mix. You only need three ingredients, really. Go ahead, blend and give your guests the best party this year.


Chocolate Margarita

Chocolate Margarita Photo Credit: Cam Incoll

A chocolate-y twist of the classic cocktail staple should be included in these recipes for a Cinco de Mayo party. Again, this is very easy to make and you will not have to search high and low for the ingredients. I bet this smells great, too. Or any man will smell great to you after you consume 3 glasses of this drink.


Tacos De Pollo Photo Credit: myrecipes

A perfect taco recipe for guests who do not like to eat red meat. This calls for cooked chicken meat, jack cheese, salt, vegetable oil, cilantro, and tortillas. My kind of recipe, really, since it doesn't have too many ingredients. Serve with your favorite salsa.


Seven Layer Taco Dip Photo Credit: jkivinen

All right, does that make your mouth water or what? This is one of the highest rated Mexican recipes on All Recipes. More than a thousand people can't be wrong, right? Whip this one up and your Cinco de Mayo party will be the best in the neighborhood for years!


Spicy Bean Salsa Photo Credit: esimpraim

I can feel my mouth water just looking at the ingredients for Spicy Bean Salsa. This is one of those recipes for a Cinco de Mayo party where food preparation will not take you long. You simply mix all the beans together, season, cover, and then place inside the refrigerator overnight. Take out once your guests arrive. Easy!


Spicy Chicken Empanadas Photo Credit: Ruth L

Oh I love me some empanadas. There is a restaurant in my city where I order nothing but empanadas. The chicken variety only, to be exact. Now if you feel like inviting me to your Cinco de Mayo party, please (PLEASE) make these.


Mexican Mixed Grill

Mexican Mixed Grill Photo Credit: myrecipes

If you're thinking of having a sit-down dinner, this recipe will come in handy. This calls for grilled chicken, beef, and pork Serve with rice or a side dish of beans or warm corn tortillas.


Mojito Butterfly Cookies Photo Credit: the cooking photographer

And to round up our recipes for a Cinco de Mayo party, we have two dessert ideas. First is for these adorable butterfly cookies. Don't worry, these are kid-friendly. Also, you can use any shape you want. Go for something Mexican-inspired.


Tres Leches Photo Credit: myrecipes

This recipe calls for whole, evaporated, and sweetened condensed milk. Bake a pan or two for your guests to take them back to their childhood in Mexico. Or introduce them to Mexican treats if they're not from Mexico.

We hope you found these recipes for a Cinco de Mayo party useful. What's your favorite Mexican recipe?

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Tres Leches is the best to serve n show ur love towards ur guests

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