8 Reasons Why You Can't Sleep at Night ...


The long hours of night seem to last forever when you are suffering with a bad case of insomnia. Tossing and turning for hours at a time is a miserable way to spend your precious sleep time and the only thing worse than spending a night staring at the ceiling is trying to function the next day with no sleep. The key to beating insomnia is figuring out why you aren’t sleeping. Here are 8 reasons why you can’t sleep at night. Figure out which one is bothering you and then you can make practical changes to help sleep come easier.

1. You Are Preoccupied with Work

Thinking about work can cause your mind to race at night. It adds stress to your body and your mind. Finding a way to relieve stress and give your mind a mental break from work before you go to bed at night may help you get to sleep faster and keep you asleep longer. Try making a β€œto do” for what you need to get done at the office before you go to bed. Organize your thoughts on paper and then you can rest easy knowing a plan is waiting on you in the morning.

You Are Worried about Relationships
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