8 Qualities of a Good Employee ā€¦


Iā€™m by no means an employer of anyone, but I think if I was Iā€™d take the following list into consideration when deciding whom to hire to work for me. Here are 8 qualities of a good employee that I would look for in a person. See what you think of my list and feel free to add anything else you would look for in an employee.

8. Optimistic

I find that optimistic people often get more done with less complaining. They seem to be able to find the bright side of most things and they are enjoyable to be around. Iā€™d much rather work with a group of individuals who were optimistic than a group of pessimists. Iā€™m not saying that pessimistic people are bad workers. Iā€™m just saying that Iā€™d rather not be around a Negative Nancy if I can help it.

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