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My name is Faiza Rammuny, I'm the daughter of a Palestinian Muslim father and a Galician-Italian mother. I'm the writer of the website, 'Expired N Fabulous- A Muslim Girl's Quest to Find True Love, While Avoiding An Arranged Marriage.' This is a personal account of my journey to find love and be true to myself, while trying to be true to where I come from. In telling my story, I offer a forum for anyone who comes from a traditional background, be it cultural, religious or both, a place to be themselves, to discuss issues- to express their fears, thoughts, doubts and their personal journey to find love- without fear of being shunned, ashamed or gossiped about in their communities.
I-like everyone on this planet-am trying to find some small measure of happiness in this crazy jungle I call my life. I am looking for love. Real love. The kind we read about in Jane Austen books. I'm looking for the sparkle, if it still exists, which I'm sure it does. And what's love without the sparkle.

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