Prada's Handbags Are Creeping Me out, Dude ...

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So, who designed Prada's line of handbags for this summer? Would you believe... it's none other than the Lord of Darkness from Ridley Scott's Legend? At least that's what I came away with after watching this creepy video featuring a freakishly skinny wood nymph. Believe it or not, the image below was captured from a promo-video on called Trembled Blossoms.

Over the course of this animated short, we watch Prada's own version of the creation story. But instead of creating life, Prada creates a handbag. I repeat, for emphasis: a handbag. I know handbags are a pretty big deal to some people, but come on. What are they thinking? I get it that the theme here is "Fantasy," but this is just plain over the top -- and kinda disturbing at the same time.

I agree with Jezebel on this one, these guys had to have been on some serious medication. They should have hired Ferenc Cakó the sand artist. His sand wizardry really trips me out and he could have probably come up with a story that's more relevant to handbags.

[via Jezebel]
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