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What's your favorite weekend activity?

Netflix binge 100%
Shopping 75%
Hiking 63%
Cooking 51%

What's your preferred makeup style for a day at the beach?

Minimal makeup 100%
No makeup, au naturel 75%
Waterproof mascara and lip balm 53%
Bronzed and glowing 30%

What makeup product can you not leave the house without?

Lip balm 100%
Mascara 73%
Concealer 42%
Eyeliner 40%


How do you handle disagreements in a relationship?

Talk it out calmly 100%
Give each other space 35%
Seek advice from friends 11%
Never hold grudges 10%

How often do you change your hairstyle?

Rarely, I stick to one style 100%
Once a year 22%
Every few months 21%
Frequently, I love experimenting 17%

What's your favorite cuisine to cook at home?

Italian 100%
Mexican 53%
Chinese 52%
Indian 47%

Who's your favorite celebrity chef?

G. Ramsay 100%
J. Oliver 24%
I. Garten 11%
N. Lawson 9%

What's your favorite romantic movie genre?

Romantic comedy 100%
Drama 42%
Classic romance 42%
Sci-fi romance 22%

Do you prefer short or long nails?

Short and practical 100%
Medium length 78%
Long and glamorous 33%
Depends on the occasion 6%

Do you prefer a calm and quiet environment or a bustling and lively one?

Calm and quiet 100%
Bustling and lively 38%

What's your favorite type of nail art?

French manicure 100%
Marble effect 57%
Floral designs 14%
Geometric patterns 14%

What's your nail care routine?

I don't do much 100%
Regular manicures 75%
DIY nail care 75%

What's your preferred mode of transportation?

Car 100%
Walking 29%
Bicycle 23%
Public transit 16%

What's your favorite kitchen hack?

Test cake w/ toothpick 100%
Preheat skillet 37%
Peel ginger w/ spoon 37%
Reduce tomato acidity 33%

What's your preferred type of vacation?

Beach vacation 100%
City exploration 54%
Mountain retreat 49%
Cultural immersion 34%

What's your go-to nail polish color for everyday wear?

Nude 100%
Red 79%
Pastel 57%
Dark and mysterious 43%

What's your favorite way to add volume to your hair?

Blow-drying upside down 100%
Teasing 61%
Curling with a large wand 61%
Using volumizing spray 32%

Do you enjoy indoor or outdoor activities more?

Outdoor activities 100%
Indoor activities 93%

What's your must-have makeup product in your bag?

Lip balm 100%
Mascara 68%
Concealer 19%
Blotting paper 11%

What's your favorite way to relax after a long day?

Listen to music 100%
Watch TV 96%
Read a book 49%
Take a bath 46%

What's your signature makeup look for work?

Natural and fresh-faced 100%
Subtle eyeliner and mascara 66%
Dewy skin and highlighter 27%
Bold lipstick 13%

What's your favorite type of dessert?

Ice cream 100%
Cake 61%
Cookies 48%
Pie 31%

What's your essential kitchen tool?

Chef's knife 100%
Cutting board 60%
Skillet 28%
Food processor 15%

What's your go-to cooking method?

Baking 100%
Grilling 73%
Sauteing 56%
Boiling 28%

What's your favorite type of music?

Pop 100%
Rock 67%
Classical 37%
Hip-hop 32%

Do you prefer tea or coffee?

Coffee 100%
Tea 96%

How do you feel about bangs?

Love them! 100%
Not a fan 95%
Considering trying them 91%
Used to have them, now growing out 32%

What's your idea of the perfect date night?

Dinner and a movie 100%
Stargazing 40%
Netflix and chill 35%
Outdoor adventure 27%
Picnic in the park 21%
Museum visit 14%
Staying in with a good book 9%

Do you prefer texting or calling to communicate?

Texting 100%
Calling 51%

What's your go-to lip color for a casual day out?

Nude 100%
Soft pink 91%
Berry 59%
Coral 11%

What cooking challenge would you like to try?

Complex dessert 100%
Homemade pasta 99%
Multi-course meal 67%
Unusual ingredients 42%

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

Dog person 100%
Cat person 79%

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Night owl 100%
Morning person 52%

What's your favorite ingredient to use in cooking?

Garlic 100%
Spices 91%
Cheese 88%
Tomatoes 25%

Do you enjoy reading physical books or e-books?

Physical books 100%
E-books 27%

What's your preferred social media platform?

Instagram 100%
TikTok 79%
Facebook 68%
Twitter 19%

Do you prefer sunny or rainy weather?

Sunny weather 100%
Rainy weather 69%

What's your go-to comfort food?

Ice cream 100%
Pizza 91%
Chocolate 81%
Mac and cheese 67%

Do you prefer a natural makeup look or something bold?

Natural 100%
Depends on the occasion 34%
Bold 13%
I don't wear makeup 10%

How do you feel about trying a new hair color?

Not interested 100%
Excited 85%
Curious 85%
Nervous 38%

What herb do you use the most in your cooking?

Basil 100%
Oregano 61%
Rosemary 56%
Thyme 34%

Do you enjoy cooking at home or dining out?

Cooking at home 100%
Dining out 71%

What's your favorite season of the year?

Fall 100%
Winter 66%
Summer 62%
Spring 54%

What's your favorite meal of the day to cook?

Dinner 100%
Breakfast 81%
Lunch 69%
Dessert 66%

Do you enjoy traveling to new places or prefer familiar destinations?

New places 100%
Familiar destinations 32%

How often do you change your nail color?

Once a month 100%
Every week 47%
Rarely, I stick to a favorite shade 41%
On special occasions 24%

How often do you change your hairstyle for a fresh look?

Rarely, I stick to one style 100%
Frequently, I love experimenting 30%
Once a year 29%
Every few months 29%

What's the most romantic gesture in a relationship?

Holding hands 100%
Love letters 55%
Cooking together 40%
Surprising gifts 21%

What's your quick and easy recipe when short on time?

Instant noodles 100%
Spaghetti 79%
Stir-fry 39%
Grilled cheese 39%

How do you handle a bad hair day?

Tie it up in a bun 100%
Embrace it, no big deal 51%
Use dry shampoo 26%
Wear a hat 16%

What's your favorite way to express love to someone?

Hugs and cuddles 100%
Acts of service 28%
Words of affirmation 19%
Gift-giving 13%

Do you prefer natural nails or acrylics?

Natural nails all the way 100%
Love both, depending on my mood 33%
Acrylics for special occasions 33%
Haven't tried acrylics yet 33%

What's your favorite movie genre?

Comedy 100%
Drama 80%
Action 60%
Sci-Fi 33%

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