A Parent's Guide to Kid-Friendly Attractions in Poconos ...

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A Parent's Guide to Kid-Friendly Attractions in Poconos ...

The Mountains of Poconos have always been an iconic tourist spot for many recreational areas and activities throughout the year. The idea of Poconos Family Vacation has been carved into the minds of many travel enthusiasts and families from all over the world for the past several decades. I’ve always preferred the mountains for a family getaway all the time because of the eccentric feel and the love of my family I receive while in the Poconos.

The Pennsylvania mountains remained as a popular tourist destination not just because of its scenic beauty but also the many fun activities in the Poconos especially for the children. 

The distinctive array of activities such as skiing to horseback riding and many others in Poconos makes the children entertained and not feel bored during the vacation. So I’ll put out a few of my personal favorite attractions in the Pocono Mountains for all the parents confused about their family getaways. Make sure you go through them all.

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Family-Friendly State Parks in Poconos

Poconos is a mixed region of scenic beauty and entertaining activities for every visitor amidst their age. In my recent visit to Poconos, I came across some of the most beautiful outdoor recreational areas which are ideal for spending time with your family doing Picnicking, hiking through the woods, exploring the wildlife and a lot other things. Let give a brief idea of the various parks in the region:


Beltzville State Park 

Situated at Carbon County near Beltzville Lake, the park is included with recreational areas. 

The park offers many activities for the families to enjoy a great day of vacation. Moreover, the hiking trails in the region are in various lengths and walkways. These are the key activities in the region:


Delaware State Forest

Explore the wide region of Delaware State Forest which extends up to 80,056 acres of land, including above 100 miles of trails and natural areas for the families to discover and enjoy. Furthermore, there are 13 ponds and lakes inside the state forest in which six of them are even glacial. Some of the popular activities in state forest for families to have an amazing day of vacation are:


WaterSports & Activities 

The beauty of Poconos increases more and more as you explore the regions, like there are several water based activities in the regions which make you remember your family fun in the Poconos forever. I’ll list out a few water- based experiences in the region which were my family.


Lake Wallenpaupack

The lake that offers several activities extends up to 5700 acres and is a perfect spot for Poconos family getaway. Not just the water based activities, the lake is close to the alluring small town of Hawley in the north side and many other attractions. The lake also includes six other recreational areas for the families to explore. The key attractions in the lake for families are:

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Camelbeach Outdoor WaterPark

One of the ideal choices for things to do with family in Poconos, as the children usually falls in love with the waterpark adventures. The Camelbeach Outdoor Waterpark is the largest outdoor waterpark in Pennsylvania with a ton of activities and watersports for families to have an amusing day in their vacation.

The many activities in the park includes:


Cultural & Historic Attraction in Poconos

Poconos is rich with its historic and cultural attractions with many educational programs for the visitors. This would be a perfect time to take your family and let them learn more about American history and its culture. From my family getaway in Poconos, the popular historic sites we’ve been to are:


Asa Packer Mansion

A majorly notable historic site in the regions of Poconos, which was built back in 1861 and named after Asa Packer, who was the founder of Lehigh University. Asa Packer’s  daughter Mary  Packer Cummings dedicated the whole mansion to the Borough of Mauch Chunk in the memory of her father in 1912. The 11,000 square feet mansion has been open to visitors since 1956 and was recognized as a national significance in the history of the United States in 1985 by the National Park Service.


Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm

The perfect journey into the past with history of the life experiences in the farm. This historical  farm displays the Pennsylvania German Heritage during the 19th century. There are live demonstrations of the lives of the past farmers who lived in the farm from 1760 to 1913. Moreover, the farm offers live agricultural demonstration, summer tours and many fascinating events for the whole year.


Pocono Indian Museum

Situated at the Easter part of Stroudsburg, the Pocono Indian Museum displays the exact past history of the residents during the early native  Delaware Indian times. Some of they key attractions in the museum are:


Amusement & Theme Parks in Poconos

The greatest way to make your family, especially the children feel exciting, thrilling and entertained for a whole day filled with adventure and fun. There are some really amazing theme parks in the regions of Poconos that I’ve been to with my family during our family vacations in Poconos PA. So I’ll list out my favorite picks among them:


Exquisite Family Dining in Poconos

Pocono Mountains always have something in their bag for families to enjoy their beautiful Poconos family fun. Children will always get tired and hungry right after a day filled with adventure, so visiting a restaurant is essential. Lucky for us, the region offers distinct restaurants with a huge variety of dishes for children of all ages. Here’s a list of my favorite family friendly eateries in Poconos.


Seasonal Events & Activities in Poconos

Poconos is always ready with events and activities regardless of the season. During summer, the region is filled with several festivals, musical concerts, sightseeing, outdoor events, and many more. Here are some of my favorite things to do in family in Poconos:

However, the experience is completely different during the winter as the whole mountain transforms into something else. There are many ways to explore Poconos in winter as Poconos is also known as a ‘Winter Wonderland’. Let me brief you about the various things to do in Poconos with family during winter:


Poconos is one of the highest rated and popular tourist destinations for families to a large extent. Poconos has been at the top for the last few decades and it keeps growing more every year with its scenic beauty and the thrilling yet refreshing activities. Moreover, the multitude of activities for family fun in the regions makes the visitors fall in love with the beauty of the Poconos and makes them visit the place even more. 

So, it is time for you to pack your bags and enter the most thrilling, exhilarating, adventurous and loving times of your life. Make your most memorable moments in the land of beauty and serenity. 

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