10 McDonald's Meals That Thankfully Didn't Make It ...

McDonald's has been around for a long time. Even though it leads to the McSick Stomach and the McNausea, it's the most popular fast food chain in the United States, and while it might not be the favorite in other countries, it's still spread far and wide, like a Big Mac breeding pox or something. I can't be too hard on ol' Mickey D's, though – they are trying to clean up their act. And say what you will about their fast food, Ray Kroc and his associates did have a lot of great ideas. They also had a lot of really terrible ones. They've had an awfully lot of dishes that didn't stick to the menu and, naturally, I'm focusing on those by showing y'all some really rank McDonald's meals that thankfully didn't make it.

1. McGratin Croquette

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You'd think this would have been something McDonald's tried in France, right? Yeah, no. Inexplicably, the brains at McDonald's marketed this in Japan, where it's also known as the Gurakoro. Within the croquette, there are such … delicacies … as mashed potatoes, deep fried macaroni, and shrimp. All together. Although it still pops up on Japanese McDonald's menus every once in a while, they don't like it and it never lasts.

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