Lord Voldemort's Take on Why You're Single ...

Today, the Twitter-verse is alive with people's takes on why you're single. Yeah, you, you, you, and you. All y'all single stalkers. Their philosophies are … well, typical. Some of it is funny, some of it makes sense, but most of it is pretty delusional. Although I'm happily in a relationship, I've never thought singleness isn't some horrible sickness to be cured or some tragedy to live through, it's typically a choice. So, I always chuckle to myself when I hear people giving single folks advice – or, in the case of Twitter's big trend, just giving their opinion on REASONS YOU'RE SINGLE. Fortunately, I'm sparing you all the dreck and bringing you advice from arguably the best source ever.

Here's some relationship advice from someone you just know has the inside details on love, life, and being alone.

Lord_Voldemort7: “Reasons you're single: you take relationship advice from Bella Swan.”

Lord_Voldemort7: “Reasons you're single: you take fashion advice from Dolores Umbridge.”

Lord_Voldemort7: “Reasons you're single: spending time with you is more depressing than hanging out with a dementor.”

Lord_Voldemort7: “Reasons you're single: you'll let anybody enter your 'chamber of secrets.'”

Lord_Voldemort7: “Reasons you're single: you give more rides than the Hogwarts Express.”

Who knew?! For real, though, stalkers, if you're single, what are your reasons? Do you ever get tired of people asking, or thinking they know your motivations better than you do? Lastly, here's what I have to say to any single-haters:


Happy All Hallow's Eve, everybody!

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