Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo Woven Calf Oversized Clutch | Lindsay Lohan

Jimmy Choo | Woven Calf Oversized Clutch | View! Dressed up in gold painted woven calf leather, trimmed with smooth equally shinny leather piping, and topped off with (you guessed it) gold toned hardware. The Jimmy Choo clutch comes with a detachable thin chain link for the 'strap on' or 'strap off' type of occasion - shoulder bag or an oversized clutch, the decision is yours. Measurements of this clutch, well the name pretty much says it all - oversized 9.5" height X 15" length X 1.5" width, safe to say you don't need to leave anything at home. This Jimmy Choo woven gold clutch is not completely new but not ignored. Lately it has been photographed on the shoulders of a dozen or more celebrities, one of which is pictured below. Lindsay Lohan I couldn't resist posting one of her Halloween costumes. Celebrities and Their Handbags Celebrity | Lindsay Lohan | Jimmy Choo Woven Calf Oversized Clutch I know Lindsay's 80's Punk Aerobics Halloween outfit maybe distracting, but try to draw your attention away from that, check out her lovely gold Jimmy Choo Woven Calf Oversized Clutch. I adore it! Chat about this purse post in The Bag Forum [...]

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