Investor Visa Advice For Women To Set Up A Business In Italynbsp...


Investor Visa Advice For Women To Set Up A Business In Italynbsp...
Investor Visa Advice For Women To Set Up A Business In Italynbsp...

Setting up a business overseas abounds with challenges, but the rewards are worthwhile. Expect things to be more daunting as a female entrepreneur as you need to break the glass ceiling. You can actually cut through the struggles by opting for the right international destination for your business. Italy is one of the preferred destinations for global entrepreneurs because of its friendly regulatory landscape, lucrative markets, and growth opportunities.

The easy immigration norms are another reason for making it one of the best places to get a global venture off the mark. The Italian investor visa is a viable option to make a quick and easy start. You can visit Bersani Law Firm & Partners for getting assistance to complete the process and kickstart your business in Italy. Let us share some valuable investor visa advice for the women looking to set up a venture in Italy.

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Sort out your finances

Since investment is the cornerstone of eligibility for the investor visa, you must sort out your finances in the first place. After all, money is always a concern for startup entrepreneurs, and it gets even more challenging when embarking overseas. Moreover, women may require extra guidance when it comes to startup finances. However, things may be easier if you opt for the Italian investor visa because it offers multiple investment alternatives. You can explore either of the following according to your budget and preference:

- €250,000 in an innovative startup

- €500,000 in a running company

- €1 million as a public welfare donation

- €2 million worth of Italian government bonds

Consider the options and decide the apt one before proceeding with the steps of obtaining the investor visa.


Get proof of funds

Besides providing diverse investment options, the investor visa also offers the benefit of security of your money. You do not have to get the committed investment to the country unless you obtain your investor visa and get a residence permit after landing. But you will have to validate your investment capacity by showing proof of funds in the form of bank statements. These statements are the primary requirement for obtaining the nulla osta (certificate of no investment). You can apply for the investor visa only after getting the nulla osta. So be sure to have valid proof of funds before going ahead with the application.


Think long-term

Another significant piece of advice for business aspirants applying for the Italian investor visa is to think long-term. Of course, you can start with your business as soon as you get your residence permit and bring in the committed funds. But it is only a start to the incredible journey that leads to growth and success. You can capture the local market with a viable plan and valuable offering. But you can also expand your startup in the EU region by leveraging the visa-free travel benefits as an Italian resident. Your family can join you without additional investment, and it is an additional plus point for female entrepreneurs. Think even beyond because the investor visa opens the opportunity to qualify for citizenship by naturalization in the long run.

Starting your Italian venture as a woman entrepreneur is not as challenging as you imagine. The investor visa makes it a breeze, but you must follow expert advice and seek professional assistance to get a smooth start.

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