How to Wear Sporty Outerwear This Winter ...


How to Wear Sporty Outerwear This Winter ...
How to Wear Sporty Outerwear This Winter ...

With the arrival of winter, the need to keep warm increases. And sometimes it's not just a matter of wearing a sweater. Depending on the city we are in, we will need more warm sportswear to be more protected.

Now, when buying clothes for the summer, people usually only think about functionality. Undoubtedly, how efficient it is in protecting against the cold is extremely important. But this does not mean that it is the only parameter we should take into account, because the way it looks and how fashionable it is relevant.

In winter, it is possible to look good and be very well protected. For this reason, we will give you some tips on the garments that can not miss in your closet during this season and we will also give you some tips on how to wear them.

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How to wear warm clothes this winter?

Before the coldest time of the year arrives, you should make sure you have everything you require. The first thing is to get the winter clothes that suit your needs, and ideally you should dress in layers.

Layering your look will help you cover up from the cold, but adding layers will also allow you to include more clothes and create interesting combinations. Although it may vary depending on where you are, these are the must-have items in your closet this winter.


Base layer clothing

In winter, the base layer is the first layer you should wear. This is the one that will be in direct contact with your skin and will help keep your body temperature from dropping. It is ideal to wear clothes that are breathable and keep you warm.

Materials such as wool are perfect, while pure cotton materials are the least recommended. Either way, a T-shirt, or a sweater will be useful. 


Middle layer clothing

This second layer should also help you keep your body warm. Its function is to create a thermal cover to prevent the outside cold from transferring. Some garments that can help you are vests, jackets or fairly thick sweatshirts. This way your body will be warm and you can add some color to the combination.


Outer layer clothing

This is the last must-have layer of clothing you should add. It will keep you protected from wind, rain, and snow. It is best if the clothing is breathable and waterproof. You can take a large, padded jacket that is thick enough.


Includes accessories

Although it is not an extra layer, it is important to add some accessories to improve protection. A scarf, a hat, gloves, thick woven pants, boots and any other garment that can keep you away from the cold outside can be useful. If you want to know what can be useful at this time of the year, read more here, and you will find all the information you need.

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Look recommendations for this winter

Earlier we told you about some of the garments you should wear during this winter to stay warm. Now we'll tell you how to combine them to create a look that looks really good.


Quilted jacket with leggings

Believe it or not, it is possible to wear leggings during the winter. Now, you can't just wear the same leggings you wear in the summer or to work out on an ordinary day. There are leggings specially designed for winter wear, so you can find options that look good and keep you warm.

Ideally, the leggings should be in a neutral color such as black, gray or white if you like. On top you can add complementary garments underneath, but the starring element will be the quilted jacket. This can be in a more vibrant color, such as red, blue, yellow or whatever you like. The important thing is that you add some color to your look to make it look more fashionable.


Jeans with boots and parka

One of the best things about jeans is that you can wear them for any occasion. These are garments that can go great in both summer and winter. You just need to combine them in the right way. Ideally, they should be jeans with a thick fabric and they should be a little bit tight.

On top you will add a parka or large coat to cover you from the cold. This can be in a classic color like black or brown. Don't forget to add accessories like a hat, scarf or gloves.

Then focus on your footwear, which should be sturdy, keep your feet warm and give you stability, so boots are ideal. And if necessary, be sure to incorporate double socks.


Sweatpants with vest

If it's not too cold where you live, but if you need to keep warm you can wear a little more alternative clothing. In quite extreme climates, vests are ideal because they allow you to protect yourself from the cold outside. In addition, it is a quite comfortable garment, because it allows you to move freely, but without losing temperature.

The great thing about these garments is that they have structure, and because they have bare arms, you can show off the garments underneath. This is an excellent opportunity to create a bold combination. The vest could be a vibrant color like red, and underneath you could wear a cream turtleneck sweater, creating a balanced combination.

The rest of the look can be quite complementary by adding some jeans or winter pants in a neutral color. Don't forget to incorporate some winter boots and accessories such as a scarf with an interesting pattern to match the hat.

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