Fendi Fendi Crossword Patent Clutch

eBelle5 the bag blog Date Added: February 19, 2007 Fendi Crossword Patent Clutch I use to suffer from Photoshop Nightmares. I'm not joking. You know you have spent way too much time playing around in Photoshop when you are dreaming about images uncontrollably being cropped and moved / layers and color adjustments flashing, etc. Uhg, I would wake up multiple times throughout the night feeling nauseous and dizzy. . . like I just come off a rollercoaster or something. I thought the dreams were over since they have long been absent, but then I discovered this dreadful newbie and they started all over again. As you can see above, the bag is collaged together with panels of patent leather that are adorned with the oversized coated mirror-like leather Fendi letters. The bag is just plain ugly in my opinion. If the bag was solid black (or white) with just the polished silver tone metal handles then maybe, just maybe I would give it a chance. But still the $920 price tag makes me say "uhm pass" I spotted this Fendi Crossword Patent Clutch a couple days ago and lately (last night) I had a few Photoshop Dreams where I was creating this bag over and over again only replacing the oversized Fendi Signature letters with the eBelle5 Signature . . . eBelle5 Crossword Patent Clutch Lookie what I made, it's the e5 eBelle5 designer clutch. The e5 bag is inspired off of the Fendi Crossword Patent Clutch - if you couldn't tell. Something tells me it will be a smash! Chat about this purse post in The Bag Forum

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