Why Dua Lipa Wrote 97 Songs Just to Pick the Best ...


Why Dua Lipa Wrote 97 Songs Just to Pick the Best ...
Why Dua Lipa Wrote 97 Songs Just to Pick the Best ...

Imagine spending hours in the kitchen, experimenting with ingredients to create the perfect dish. You try and try, sometimes you fail, but when you finally nail it, the satisfaction is unmatched. This story, though, isn't about cookingβ€”it's about creating music, a process not so different in its pursuit of perfection. And who better to epitomize this quest than the pop sensation, Dua Lipa?

Recently, Dua Lipa made headlines with her astonishing revelation: she penned not 10, not 50, but 97 songs for her new album. Yes, you read that right, 97! It's a number that stands as a testament to her dedication, her relentless pursuit of perfection. At the 66th Annual GRAMMY Awards, Lipa not only dazzled us with her performances but also left us eagerly anticipating her forthcoming third album, with singles "Training Season" and "Houdini" already making waves.

In a candid chat on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Lipa shared insights into her creative process, revealing the existence of a precious book that holds every song she wrote for the album. What's more shocking? She admitted, with a laugh, that about 80 of those songs were terrible. It's a humbling reminder that even the stars have their moments of doubt.

Since her 2020 hit album, Future Nostalgia, Lipa has grown not just in confidence but in her craft. Gone are the days when whatever was written was deemed good enough. This time around, she's digging deeper, refining and rewriting until every note, every lyric feels perfect. It's a level of self-assurance and commitment that many artists aspire to but few achieve.

Dua Lipa's journey is a lesson in perseverance. It's about not settling for the first draft, or the tenth, but pushing through the ninetieth if that's what it takes. It's about finding beauty in the process, learning from the failures, and never losing sight of the vision.

What makes her story even more inspiring is her openness about the journey. She hasn't just kept her notes and ideas locked away; she's shared them, showing that the path to success is paved with trials, errors, and, yes, about 80 songs that will never see the light of day.

In a world that often seeks instant gratification, Dua Lipa's journey is a refreshing reminder of the beauty of the process. Her story is not just about making music; it's about crafting a masterpiece. And if that means writing 97 songs to find the perfect 12 or 15, then so be it. After all, perfection, as they say, is worth waiting for.

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