The Truth About Hair Extensions And Whether they Damage your Natural Hair ...


The Truth About Hair Extensions And Whether they Damage your Natural Hair ...
The Truth About Hair Extensions And Whether they Damage your Natural Hair ...

Hair extensions are a great idea when you want to change your look for a special occasion or simply because you fancied a change. However, it is reasonable to worry about the hair extensions, they add a significant amount of weight to your hair and this may place stress on your scalp. In turn this can cause damaged follicles, reduced growth, and even dry hair.

The good news is that hair extensions don’t need to damage your hair. You simply need to choose the right style of extensions and make sure you use a quality product to look after your, such as something from the Redken range.

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This type of hair extension is the easiest to add to your hair and you can even do it yourself at home. The reason these are the best for your hair is that you can remove them every evening. Of course, that means you have to allow time to install them in the morning. But, considering that most damage from hair extensions is caused when you are sleeping or washing your hair, you can skip the risk by using clip in extensions.

It’s worth noting a good set of hair extensions will have lined wefts and high-quality clips. Alongside this they should be made with high-quality hair, ensuring the extensions can last a year or two. That makes them a good investment.


Tape In extensions

Tape in extensions are designed to be semi-permanent. This type of extension can also be done at a home. It’s a good idea to watch a tutorial first. The tape is actually a form of glue and you’ll find it surprisingly easy to attach the extensions to your existing hair. This part of the process will not damage your hair.

However, if you wish to remove the extensions you must follow the instructions, which includes using alcohol to separate the hair extensions. This ensures no damage is done to your natural hair.

Tape in extensions last approximately 6 weeks so you’ll need to replace them frequently.


Hair Weave

If you visit the hairdressers you are most likely to receive a hair weave. This is when your natural hair is braided into a cornrow and the extension is effectively sewn into your hair. This option is one of the cheapest currently available.

However, the join will be obvious if you have flat hair and if your braids are too tight or the extensions heavy you can place unnecessary stress on the roots of your hair, potentially even pulling them out.



Pre-bonded hair is attached strand by strand to your hair. It is time consuming but creates a completely natural look. The hair will be bonded either via micro rings which can place additional stress on your natural hair, or by heat.

Heat bonded extensions are most likely to do damage to your hair, you need to think carefully if this is the right option for you before you have the process done.

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