Dark vs. Light Which Wallpaper Color is Better For Your Homenbsp...


Dark vs. Light Which Wallpaper Color is Better For Your Homenbsp...
Dark vs. Light Which Wallpaper Color is Better For Your Homenbsp...

Home decor always starts with the question of how to use color. Some color combinations are more pleasing to the eye, and some are not. We have all noticed the effect color has on our mood and emotions. Selecting the right wallpaper color

can make your home welcoming or dark. The main question is - should your wallpaper be light-colored or dark-colored?

Let us dive a little deeper into the subject of dark and light wallpaper.

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How to Select the Right Wallpaper Color for Your Home

By choosing a certain wallpaper color, pattern, and texture, the mood and the ambiance of your room can change immediately. Perhaps you want to add some energy to a bland room or calm to a chaotic one. Check out here to pick the right wallpaper decor for your home.

Other than color wallpaper, you should consider lighting. The amount of light a room receives is in direct connection to the color of your wallpaper.


Light Wallpaper

Colors affect our mood and how we experience a space, a room. Light wallpaper makes the room feel brighter and more welcoming. People usually use pastel or neutral colors for their wallpaper as these shades are not overwhelming. These categories of wallpaper are less vibrant and subtle.

Pastel colors include a diversity of light colors from soft pinks to light blues. These colors create a specific aesthetic, they add color to the room with a more delicate touch. For people who are not looking for anything vivacious but still want to add personality to the room, pastel wallpaper is the ideal choice.

Neutral colors also include a diversity of light colors such as brown, white, gray, beige, and taupe. These colors give your room a little more traditional and classic feel. The good thing about neutral color wallpaper is that you can combine them easily with other colors. If you are decorating a fully furnished room, selecting a wallpaper can be a challenging task. The wallpaper color has to fit with all the furniture in the room. That is why neutral colors are flawless because they smoothly blend with the pre-existing designed rooms.

In comparison with dark-colored wallpapers, light-colored ones are a bit more versatile. They look good in both small and big spaces. With a light wallpaper, it is easier to unify the space.


When to use light wallpaper

If you live in a smaller apartment, it is recommended that you use light wallpaper. Light colors make the room look more spacious. This is also beneficial for rooms with poor lighting. Light wallpaper is a good choice for those who like a more natural and relaxed aesthetic. It is a great option for decorating a bedroom or home office to create a more calming atmosphere.


Dark Wallpaper

Dark wallpaper makes the room look smaller and cozy. They are perfect for creating a certain room more intimate, even romantic. If you have a big room, a dark wallpaper is an option for you. Similar to light wallpaper, the dark kind is also versatile.

Popular dark color choices are often so-called dark neutrals like dark gray, black, dark brown, or dark taupe. Just like light colors, dark ones are also easy to pair with other colors. In the last couple of years, dark wallpaper has been trending. People use it to decorate more luxurious spaces with a vintage vibe. Dark colors are dramatic and demand attention. It is often used for period home decor that has a sense of nostalgia.

Don’t forget that darker wallpaper has a more intense impact on the room. As mentioned before, lighting is important when choosing the right wallpaper color. If your home has poor lighting conditions, a dark wallpaper can make the room feel depressive.


When to use dark wallpaper

Generally, dark wallpaper is not a good choice for small spaces. Still, it is possible to work around this by using a dark wallpaper as a feature wall. For mid to large-size spaces, dark colors are the way to go.


Using Light and Dark Wallpaper

Very often you will find wallpaper designs that use both light and dark colors. This combination creates an engaging and intriguing visual contrast that brings more focus to all colors.

Both light and dark wallpaper designs have their own special set of benefits. When choosing the perfect wallpaper for your home, bear in mind how colors will interact, what kind of lighting is in the room, what size is your room, what atmosphere you want to create, etc.

Whether you want to create a calm or bold vibe in your home, choosing the right wallpaper color is important. It will enhance the aesthetic of your living space.

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