Brug din hudplejeprodukter i denne rækkefølge for fantastiske resultater...

Alle de hudplejeprodukter i verden gør ikke du så meget godt, hvis du ikke bruger dem i den rigtige rækkefølge. Eksperter har gennemført tonsvis af undersøgelser og gjort masser af forskning om dette emne og har fundet ud af i hvilken rækkefølge du skal lag din hudprodukter på dit ansigt. Selvfølgelig hvis du har specifikke hudpleje behov, dette kan variere for dig og du bør diskutere dette med din hudlæge. Ellers, bruge denne guide til at få din hudpleje i den bedste orden.

1. Facial Cleanser

When you get up in the morning, the first thing you should apply to your skin is a cleanser. This is especially important if you have acne prone or oily skin. The cleanser creates a clean slate for the rest of your products so that you have the healthiest skin and the best look every single day.

2. Eye Cream

Once your face is clean, you should immediately put on your eye cream. This helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and keeps skin near your eyes hydrated and healthy looking. Allow your eye cream a few minutes to soak in before putting on any other products.

3. Antioxidant Serum

A serum packed with antioxidants helps protect your skin from the environment by creating a barrier that blocks things like toxins, chemicals and other junk in the air around you. The antioxidants counteract free radical damage so that the exposure you do get doesn’t cause harm to your skin. While this might sound expensive, you can find great serums in all price ranges and a little goes a long way so one bottle should last you for a

4. Moisturizer with SPF

Now you need to hydrate your skin with a good moisturizer formulated for your skin type. Use enough that you can gently massage it into your entire face without running out. Choose a moisturizer that contains sunscreen so that you also block UV rays that can lead to wrinkles, age spots and skin cancer. You want at least an SPF 30 if you plan to spend any time outdoors or near a window.

5. Makeup

Now you can put on your makeup, whatever products you wear on a daily basis. This can include foundation, powder, blush, eye shadow, liner and mascara. Piling it on top of your skincare products prevents smudges and messy makeup, which is what happens when you put lotions and creams on top of cosmetics. The products you already have on also protect your skin from the cosmetics should they contain anything that is irritating to your skin.

6. Cleanse Again at Night

Once the day has ended, you need to cleanse your face again to remove all the stuff you put on in the morning. Experts suggest a mild facial cleanser that is targeted for your skin issues and type. Pay attention to your entire face and make sure you get rid of all the products and makeup you’ve got on your skin.

7. Treatments and Moisturizer

If you have any specific skin woes, now is the time to treat it. This might be acne or dryness. Apply any specialized lotions and potions as soon as you’ve finished washing your face. If you don’t use anything like this, move right on to moisturizer, which will also go on after your treatments. Use a good quality product that targets wrinkles and restores your skin while you sleep.

Is this the order you use your products? Are you planning changes to your routine after reading this?

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