Cartier Poised to Launch Luxury Handbag Line, like This New 'Marcello'


Cartier makes special art out of expanding very strategically in order to cultivate the value of the 'Cartier' name; art shows, red carpet events, glam parties. The next project? Something that we haven't seen from Cartier in many a years: a luxe handbag line, introducing the above pictured 'Marcello' bagwhich Cartier hopes will become a "staple product." It'll debut in an unusually fashion-forward variety of seasonal colors, as opposed to Cartier's normally timeless and demure polish, and it'll cost approximately US$1500. Anyone wanna place bets on whether there'll be a waiting list, how long it'll get or who'll be photographed carrying this bag to Starbucks first?

[Image, source: WWD, Yahoo]

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