Britney Spears Serves up Legal Papers to Her Mom

There have been a lot of rumors recently that Britney Spears had or would be serving her mom with a restraining order. Pretty extreme, huh? Today Britney confronted her mom, Lynne Spears, on the set of her sisters photo shoot. The two got into a public argument and Britney handed her a legal document. It isn’t an actual restraining order (it wouldn’t really make sense for her to hand deliver that, would it?) but it is a lawyers letter asking Lynne to stay away from her kids if she’s taking any medications that would impair her abilities. Another source is saying that the letter was drawn up this morning and officially bans Lynne from seeing the two boys.

This is so sad to hear! Britney and her mom used to be SO close, but apparently after Lynne took Kevin’s side and “forced” her to go to rehab, there’s been a major rift in the relationship. According to Splash news, Britney had to resort to having her bodyguard ask the paparazzi where Jamie Lynn’s shoot was.

TMZ has video right here. Someone should really tell her those cutoff shorts with the pockets hanging out aren’t too attractive.

ETA: X17 is saying Britney delivered a “love letter” to her mom and things are fine between the two. Hmm, based on that video it didn’t SEEM that way….there was no hug, nothing, they didn’t even look friendly to me. We’ll see…

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