8 Beautiful Subway Stations ...

You walk into a subway station to or from work without stopping. You simply want to get on with your day. But if your stop is one of these, you might want to give yourself an extra 5 to 10 minutes each day; these beautiful subway stations are a treat to the senses and might just be the reason for the late marks on your monthly performance report!

1. Stockholm Tunnelbana

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Photo Credit: nextnature

The perfect combination of modern technology and nature, the Sctockhold Tunnelbana is one of the most beautiful subway stations in the world today. When you enter the facilities, you will find yourself dropping your jaw in amazement. The subways look beautifully unique and stunning with the natural caves juxtaposed with the elevators and trains. Not only were the underground rocks left to their beautiful natural glory, they were also made even more impressive with the help of paintings and other patterns.

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