5 Apps That Can Help You Become Better Co-Parents  ...


5 Apps That Can Help You Become Better Co-Parents  ...
5 Apps That Can Help You Become Better Co-Parents  ...

After a divorce, navigating the new chapter of co-parenting can certainly be difficult.  Research shows that divorce has a negative effect on the development and well-being of children, but coordinating quality time with each parent can improve the child's development.

There are many online tools that can make it easier for co-parents to share relevant information, manage appointments and communicate effectively. These apps provide an easier route to accomplish tasks and reduce any additional conflict.

Discover five apps that can help you become better co-parents.

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Our Family Wizard - the app to improve co-parenting communications

How does it help me?

This app allows parents to manage schedules, share information and track expenses. Communication on the app can be documented avoiding unnecessary misunderstandings and keeping parents accountable.

Best Features?

Our Family Wizard features an Info Bank section where you can keep track of important documents such as health records, report cards, photographs and more. With the Expense Log, you can calculate each parent's share of an expense, make automatic payments and have access to customizable reports.


2Houses - The app to organize two households

How does it help me?

With its streamlined features such as shared calendar, financial management system, and record-keeping tap, this app makes co-parenting more efficient and stress-free. It plays as an excellent mediator with your co-parent but also helps you organize your own home.

Best Features?

The co-parent calendar provides an online shared schedule of your child's activities with the option to download as a PDF file. 2Houses app also includes a Custody Journal where you can share photos, videos, and quotes. In addition you can share important details about your child such as identity cards, weight, size or medical notes that could always come in handy.




How does it help me?

Sitly offers parents a flexible solution to childcare. It is an online platform that connects parents to a babysitter, making over 2,000 families happier so far.

When searching for a sitter many parents rely on general job-hunting websites, but these do not provide a community space and a trusted meaningful connection between parents and babysitters. Sitly, however, offers a direct option to message or even video chat with a potential sitter. By spending less time searching they can have more time to recharge as a parent.

Best Features?

With over 25,000 registered babysitters in Canada alone, it's possible to find an option within 500m distance from home. Despite the large option of babysitters on the app, Sitly uses geolocation making it easier to connect parents to babysitters in their own neighborhood. Moreover, co-parents have the freedom to tailor their search to their particular needs, including availability, rate and experience.


Cozi – the app to plan family life

How does it help me?

This app makes it easy to manage family daily activities with its shared calendar, to-do list and meal-planner. Even though Cozi was not designed specifically for co-parenting, its features can help keep family life more organized.

Best Features?

With a color-coded calendar that keeps everyone in the loop it makes it simple for parents to visualize their upcoming activities and recently added items on their to-do lists.


Support Pay – the app to manage child-support and expenses

How does it help me?

Co-parents can benefit from this app to relieve the stress of shared expenses. The app provides a secure platform where co-parents can manage child-related finances such as child support, expenses, and payments.

Best Features?

Support Pay offers co-parents the option to add expenses, send payments and upload receipts while keeping track of all records. Parents can track expenses per child or category and schedule automatic payments. This app also has a Dispute Management option. If co-parents do not agree on a specific item, they can opt to dispute it with relevant arguments. A certified record is saved in case it's further needed.

Digital tools help manage essential family information, improve communications with your co-parent or babysitter and provide more free time to recharge. These apps are designed to simplify your life as a parent by automating co-parenting as much as possible. Consequently, you will be able to focus on what’s important, spending quality time with your child.  

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