The Advantages of Growing Autoflowering Weed Seeds for Stealthy or Quick Harvests ...


The Advantages of Growing Autoflowering Weed Seeds for Stealthy or Quick Harvests ...
The Advantages of Growing Autoflowering Weed Seeds for Stealthy or Quick Harvests ...

The weed-growing business is a world full of intricacies and specifics, especially for beginners. A cultivator should understand the primary distinction between autoflower and feminized seeds, as the choice of proper growing material will determine their entire cultivation experience. Besides, the growers should be ready to address the cons of each choice, thus maximizing their yields and keeping their plants and nerves healthy. 

So, let’s briefly recap the difference: 

As you can see, going for autoflower seeds is a safe bet for growers who are not experienced in light cycle control but want to reap the yields of their cultivation labor. Thus, we focus on the pros of growing autoflower seeds in this article and walk you through the benefits that should convince you of this choice. 

Benefits of Growing Autoflower Seeds:

Here are the pros you will enjoy when growing your plantation of autoflower plants.

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The indisputable benefit of autoflower cultivation is its stealth, especially in indoor setups. The plants grow not that tall (especially if you don't choose pure Sativa for cultivation), and they are well-fitted to a small growing room you might have for these needs. Besides, even outdoor growing autoflower plants may be trimmed and topped in a way that hides them from neighbors' curious gaze, and the harvest collection speed will allow you to avoid unnecessary attention to your plantation. 


Quick and Bountiful Harvests: Case of White Runtz

As a rule, growers may collect the harvest of buds pretty quickly, in 8-9 weeks after planting the germinated seeds into the soil, if they grow autoflower seeds. This is a short period of plant maturity compared to up to 12 weeks of feminized plant maturation. Thus, people who don't want to wait too long will surely enjoy the quick and predictable growing endeavor with this seed variety. 

For instance, let’s look at the example of White Runtz autoflower seeds. They have a very short flowering period of 8-9 weeks and deliver more-than-average yields to careful cultivators, reaching up to 14-16oz per m2 of an indoor plantation and up to 19oz of buds per plant grown outdoors. You can find more data about this variety at  


More Harvest Cycles

As soon as you opt for autoflower seeds, you can collect two harvests instead of one, even in an outdoor growing setup. This way, by planting your seeds in June or late May, you can already reap the harvest by the end of July and sow a new round of crops for the second harvest in September or early October. As a result, your winter stock of thick, aromatic buds will be twice larger, and you won’t need to pay money at a local dispensary to alleviate stress, battle insomnia, or manage pain


Infinite Weed Harvesting

Indeed, autoflower plants can't give clones for further plant cultivation; however, they are very convenient for planting and growing along with species of other growth stages. This way, you can place the plants in a vegetative stage next to those already flowering to their fullest, and nothing will go wrong. Your growing room can be universally used for all kinds of cultivation activities, thus giving you the convenience and continuous output of growing weed. 


An Easy Growing Experience

Needless to say, growing autoflower plants is way easier than doing the same with feminized species. The former are much more convenient in management and will meet the proficiency level even of complete newbies. You won’t need to calculate the light and dark cycle and adjust your lighting setup to boost your feminized plants’ flowering stage; autoflower plants do this automatically without extra effort from the growers. 

In addition, the autoflower trait is obtained by weed strains due to the addition of ruleralis genes to their genetic makeup. Thus, these cannabis varieties typically come with extra benefits characteristic of this weed type: resistance to weather fluctuations, diseases, pests, and mold. Thus, you are sure to have an easy time watching your autoflower plants grow; they won’t cause you trouble and sleepless nights, as they can withstand some fluctuations from ideal cultivation practices. 


No Light Leaks Issues

Autoflower plants are also fine with light leaks from the space outside the growing room. In the old times, the day and night divisions were much clearer and intuitive for plants, with little electricity or city lights around. Today, photoperiodic plants may find it hard to tell when they need to activate for flowering, as night doesn't remain dark. Shop windows, traffic lights, and many other sources of 24/7 light may confuse the plants and make them flower too early or not flower at all, but that's not the case with autoflower weed. It has an inner clock that says that the time is right to start flowering, and the problem of light shifts is not relevant for such plants. Thus, you’re sure to witness your plants flowering even if you have light leaks to the weed plantation or a huge, shining supermarket next to your house. 


Science at Your Service

Autoflower seeds are a relatively recent scientific development of weed breeders, and they have solved many issues that cultivators often experienced when struggling for harvests. Thus, autoflower weed may be regarded as the future of cannabis cultivation, resistant to environmental threats and predictable in terms of flowering. These seeds get better after each round of genetic production, and the users may expect to receive more resilient and productive plants if they stick to one species and work with it closely. 

Opt for Autoflower Weed

As you might see now, autoflower plants come with a huge number of perks that many growers, from newbies to pros, appreciate so much. They ensure a hassle-free growing experience, high yields, and predictable timing of harvest collection. Though some skeptics note the lower THC levels and poorer terpene richness in the yields from autoflower seeds, we believe that it's all about the art of cultivation. An experienced grower can maximize the potency and output of the strain they grow; the outcomes will improve every time. 

About Author:

The author of this article is Tia Moskalenko, an expert author and researcher at AskGrowers, advocating large-scale access to the cannabis market for all eligible population categories. Tia is always on the lookout for new products and growing technologies to bring the universe of cannabis therapy closer to every person needing it.

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