7 World's Most Unusual Animals ...

From rude jokes to strange comments, when somebody in your surroundings has a weird sense of humor, the number of strange, puzzling and even very unpleasant situations you can find yourself in is certainly vast. But what happens when the person with the weird sense of humor is nobody else but our dear Mother Nature? Well, check out this list of 7 weird animals and tell me what you think:

1. Pink Fairy Armadillo

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Image source: JasonCross

LOL! I totally understand the armadillo part although I don’t see anything fairy-like to justify the pretty name this utterly strange looking animal bears. This interesting combination of a regular armadillo, any bird of prey and a fluffy cushion you’d normally expect sitting on the couch rather than running around lives in dry areas of Argentina and feeds on ants and ant larvae. Ahem, now isn’t that a quality every fairy should possess? I sincerely doubt that…

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