7 Ways to Take Advantage of Sunny Winter Days ...


When winter really sets in, the sun is a welcome change from all those grey skies and cold days. There's really nothing more invigorating that a cold, crisp winter day when the sun shines bright – and those days present tons of opportunities to do so many fun things! Here, in fact, are 7 ways to take advantage of sunny winter days.

1. Walk Your Pet

Your pets can get cabin fever as well. I know that when it's really cold, my darling little dachshund hardly likes to go outside to the bathroom; he hates getting his feet cold! When the temperatures warm up a little and the sun is out, however, his very favorite thing to do is go on a walk so he can romp in the snow – and mark it up about a million times, so everyone else knows he's been there.

Make a Snow Angel
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