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7 Tips on How to do Rainbow Eyes ...

By Kati

The rainbow eye look is huge right now, but sadly, the online videos really lack in showing how to make this look so amazing… bright colours, careful application and lots of mascara really makes your eyes pop. I’ve been testing techniques, and here is my favourite way to master the look…

1 Pick a Base

Pick a BasePhoto Credit: Beth Cocuzzi Pin up & Boudoir Photography

A good eyeshadow base will make all the difference, as your eye shadow needs to stick to it and it needs to give a smooth, flawless surface. If you haven’t got an eyeshadow base, they are usually available in drug stores, or you could use a concealer instead. Apply all over the eyelid, under the eye and in the corners.

2 Select Your Colours

Select Your ColoursPhoto Credit: silje/vanilje

Now it’s time to choose which colours you will be using. I’d recommend picking a bright red, a golden yellow, a deep green and a navy-ish blue, but you can choose whichever colours you feel like. Just make sure they aren’t too close together, or you’ll lose the effect!

3 First Shadow...

First Shadow...Photo Credit: Peanuts_Photography

I always start with red, but any bright, deep colour will work fine. Use a brush, and tap away any excess powder before applying. Apply it to the inner part of your upper eye lid, adding more colour if necessary to give a brighter look. I find it much easier to apply it with a pressing movement rather than brushing it on. Don’t worry about blending, you can do that later.

4 Next Colour...

Next Colour...Photo Credit: Ms. Black Eyeliner

The next colour is orange, which can be quite hard to track down. You’ll want a bright colour, such as the brightest orange MAC, and preferably without glitter which detracts from the final look and can make it very hard to apply. Clean your brush, and apply it next to the red, blending them together slightly at the end to make them fade into each other. Do the same to both eyes.

5 Other Colours...

Other Colours...Photo Credit: K_A_R_E_N

The rest of the colours are applied in the same fashion, adding a ‘block’ of colour next to the previous one and blending the lines. I use yellow, green and blue. With lighter colours, such as the yellow, it’s important to make sure you don’t blend the darker colour too far in or you’ll end up with a ‘dirty’ colour... I find it easier to give yellow a slightly bigger block than any other colour, to ensure some is visible after blending.

6 Under Eye Detail

Under Eye DetailPhoto Credit: Peanuts_Photography

Use a thin make up brush to apply the blue colour at the outer edge of the eye, until half way. Keep this thin, and apply in a solid, sweeping motion to get even colour. You want to get it to the same colour as it on the eyelid, so add more colour if necessary, avoiding letting excess powder fall down your face.

7 Finishing Touches

Finishing TouchesPhoto Credit: Michele Catania

Use a blending brush to do any necessary blending, and then use mascara to emphasize your eye lashes... you don’t want huge lashes here, as the colour will do the talking. Keep the rest of your look simple, with a little blusher to add structure to your face. Finish with some clear lip gloss!

I love the rainbow look, it’s the perfect way to draw attention to your eyes and once you’ve done it a few times, it’s really easy, too. And it looks so impressive! I’m always being asked how I did it. You can even edit the look to use a palette of pinks or blues... there’s so much choice! Have you found a trick to getting this look right, or the perfect eyeshadow? Please let me know!

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