7 Signs Your Body is Grieving ...

There are many things in life we #face as humans that cause us to grieve-and there are many signs your body is grieving along with you. Losing a loved one, losing a job or moving unexpectedly, going through financial issues or emotional strains-these are only some of the #things that can cause you to grieve very heavily. The problem is, you can force yourself into thinking you are fine. Many #people feel they must be strong for the sake of others or simply for themselves. It's good to be strong, but everyone has a breaking point. Don't wait to reach yours before seeking help. Here are 7 signs your #body is grieving. If you think you are doing just fine after a tragedy or a loss, yet you are experiencing any of these signs your body is grieving, you may need to take some down #time to cope and deal with your present emotions before they turn into serious depression or something worse.

1. Sleep Disturbances

The truth is, after a terrible loss, it can take years to re-establish a normal sleep cycle. Victims of war, soldiers, and POW's almost never get back to a normal sleep cycle, and the same is true for anyone who has been through a stressful ordeal such as losing a loved one. If you have been dealing with irregular sleep cycles, maybe you should speak to a doctor to see if there's anything that can be done to help you.