8 Alarm Bells in a Relationship ...

Isnโ€™t hindsight wonderful?

I suspect that weโ€™ve all been in a relationship where we ignore the warning signs that something wasnโ€™t right.

Itโ€™s only after itโ€™s ended that we recall what we would have noticed if we hadnโ€™t been so blinded by love.

Well, however hard we fall for someone, we should still look out for ourselves.

Here are some alarm bells to watch out for.

1. Mobile Only

Itโ€™s fine for someone to only give you their mobile number to begin with, but if youโ€™ve been seeing each other for a while and you still donโ€™t have their home number, then ask yourself why.

Do they want to control when you can call them (mobiles can easily be switched off)?

Or is there someone at home โ€ฆ like a wife?