7 Cool Hobbies to Try with Your Boyfriend ...


Have you ever noticed that some couples seem to have such a great time doing things together?

It’s likely because they’re not always doing an activity or pursuing a hobby the girl wants to do — they’re probably doing things they both want to do!

If you want to try a hobby your boyfriend might like, I can help!

Here’s a list to give you some ideas… 7 cool hobbies to try with the man in your life!

1. Home-brewing Beer

Home-brewing Beer

Photo Credit: think5577

If you like cooking or baking, then you may want to try home-brewing your own beer!

What man wouldn’t fall, or stay, head over heels in love with a girl that can make a mean IPA or stout?2

It takes a little time and patience, but it’s fun, and so rewarding to drink a beer you’ve made yourself… with a little help from your sweetie!

2. Target Shooting

Target Shooting

Photo Credit: Curtis Gregory Perry

My boyfriend has a collection of handguns and he loves to shoot them at the range.

I went with him once, on a whim, and now I’m hooked!

It’s a little expensive, and very, very loud, but this is one hobby your boyfriend and you will both love — and you even get to compete with him!

3. Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Photo Credit: Dan Anderson

Rock climbing is a very manly pastime, and is fantastic exercise, especially for your upper body… so why not give it a try?

It’s a great idea to try an indoor wall first, to get some practice in, but if you climb all winter, you’ll be ready to try the real thing by summer!2

4. Flag Football

Flag Football

Photo Credit: Hughes Léglise-Bataille

In my little suburb of Detroit, there are a number of flag football leagues, co-ed, and it’s so much fun to play!

Without the worry of being tackled and injured, we girls actually have some advantages — we’re pretty light on our feet, and so fast!

Wouldn’t it be fun to play on a flag football team with your boyfriend?

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