21 Valentine's Day Jokes That Make Me Laugh ...

I love hearing and sharing new jokes.

This list of 21 Valentine’s Day jokes that make me laugh might also tickle your funny bone.

Feel free to pass them on to others so that they might get a chuckle out of them as well.

1. Love is Blind

Phil was a handsome man who got dressed up in his finest clothes and headed to the pub down the road.

He noticed a woman sitting at the end of the bar who wouldn’t stop staring at him.

Flattery took over and Phil headed over to talk to the lady.

He made his voice deep and sultry and said, “I’ll do anything you wish, #beautiful lady, but on one condition.”

The woman had to shake herself out of her trance and then asked, “What is your condition?”

Phil says, “You must tell me your wish in only 3 words.”

The woman paused and then gave Phil a slip of paper with her address scrawled on it.

She then leaned forward with her eyes closed and whispered, “Clean my house.”