Zac Posen Fall 2007 ...

I'm still working through some of the things I thought stood out in fashion week. Among them, were some bags from Zac Posen. Forget silver, gold, is one of the best colors for a bag if you want to stray from staid black or brown. It's far more neutral than you'd think, and really makes the bag pop. Here are 2 that get it right.

One, a classic frame bag done in a scarlet satin...too big for evening, too impractical for every day, but great for a special occasion. The second, a squat satchel looks like a loaf of bread, maybe it's his answer to the french American hero? Silliness aside, the shape is really nice, and probably holds more than it appears because it's long in proportion to it's height.
And look how great the red looks against the grey and mauve clothing.

Two also rans were the mesh shoulder bag, which really could be a signature style should Mr Posen make the leap into accessories in a bigger way. It's pretty unique in shape and styling, and extremely wearable. There was also the ubiquitous clutch, seen in every show, here done nicely for daytime in a half moon shape with a pair of tassels at the side which remind me of Marc Jacobs' Angela style from Spring 2005, or Givenchy's pumpkin bag.

While still something of an insider's designer, I think Zac Posen has potential to become more of a brand...judging from these, handbags could be a way to open that door.

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