Yves Saint Laurent Touche Blush - Expert Review ...

This Yves Saint Laurent blush is in the form of a light, loose powder and applied with a puff to create a natural, luminous effect.
Product Description:
An innovative, ingenious part of your make-up routine, it transforms applying blusher into a moment of pure pleasure. The powder is ultra-fine for a natural and radiant make-up result.
My Experience:
This is a beautiful, light powder and so easy to use. Normally loose powders cause a storm and so much is wasted on the bathroom sink, but not with this one! The handy powder puff holds the fine powders until the point of application. With just one light touch I have a natural looking, long-lasting glow. It really enhanced my bone structure and I even received compliments on my cheek bones! I love the way itโ€™s so easy to carry as you donโ€™t need a brush. I highly recommend this blush!

Rating: Excellent

Price: $44 at sephora.com

Do you prefer a powder puff or a brush? Which do you think is easier to apply?

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