Yves Saint Laurent Blush Variation - Expert Review ...

Yves Saint Laurent’s Blush Variation is a two-tone soft pressed powder that's supposed to help us achieve a natural healthy glow. But let's see how this product accomplishes this task.
Product Description:
This blusher combines two effects to enhance the cheeks with a veil of colour. Its innovative formula containing self-adapting pigments captures the intensity of the light and transforms it into colour.
My Experience:
I think this is a clever concept – combining the matte and iridescent texture on one palette. There are so many colours to choose from, so it’s suitable for all skin tones. I was impressed at how I could apply more layers for a sultry night-time look without looking too caked. It feels really luxurious – so silky and it has a gorgeous scent. It is expensive but because it stays on my skin so well, it lasts longer than other products. Overall, I think this is a beautiful blush and the perfect illustration of how spending a little extra is sometimes so worthwhile!

Rating: Excellent

Price: $44 at sephora.com

There are so many colours to choose from, which shade suits your skin tone best?

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